Monday, September 12, 2011

Overheard in the Speech Room

Working with children of all ages leads to some pretty interesting conversations. Today, while working with one of our kindergarten students, my fellow speech pathologist noted that he was missing a significant number of teeth - more than most kindergarten students, and the remaining chompers were cavity-ridden.

Concerned, she asked him, "Buddy, what happened to your teeth? Did they fall out or did someone pull them out?"

With the perfect innocence of a kindergartner, he said, that he wasn't sure. He was opening a jar of jelly and a tooth just fell out of his mouth (as if the act of opening a jar could cause a tooth to just fall out). My colleague said, "I'm just a little worried about what happened to all your teeth."

And then he said, with worry on his face, "I just don't know how many I have left!"

We've been laughing about that all afternoon. "I just don't know how many I have left!" This is just another reason I love my job!

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