Sunday, May 25, 2008

For the edification of all

I love when people use their talents to glorify God. This link will take you to photographs from an exhibit at the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitor's Center right now. The slideshow alone is a moving experience. I recommend checking out the real thing.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A trip to Utah

So, in April, Brent and I got to journey to Utah for my graduation. While there we spent treasured time with family and friends. Thanks to all who took time to see us and visit and share your love. It was a great trip!!!

Me and the Jills. I love these girls!

I love this girl! She was my roommate my freshman year and has been a continual light to me over the years. Congrats, K! You made it!

Here's me and Brent with a favorite hometeacher and his lovely wife. They're off to do great things!Family and friends and delicious food!
Brothers. I love them!

Look, mom, I'm graduating!

Me with Elder L. Tom Perry and his wife. I love these people!This stud spoke at our graduation. He's been a great friend and example to me! Thanks for all you do and all you are! Ecuador, here you come!
Me & Dr. McPherson. I am indebted to this man.

This is one of my favoritest people in the whole wide world! Thanks for coming! I love your guts (and the rest of you too)!

Kathy! This lovely woman put me up for most of my interim time in Utah! I am forever in your debt. I couldn't have finished my thesis without you!

Stephen and Holly got a new bed! They had been sleeping on an old waterbed . . . not too full of water so they were practically on boards. Then, to be frugal, they slept on a couple of mattresses that they rescued from the demolition of DT. Congrats on graduating to a real bed.
Knead I say more?

Welcome home, Sister Peterson! You were a breath of fresh air (and beautiful as always)!
Thai food and good friends.
What happened to the party idea?

A joyous reunion. It felt like coming home!

The next week, the BYU Singers came to B-town. I love these guys! I had the incredible opportunity to sing with each of them at one point in time or another. And then to have them share in my BYU experience. . . life is so sweet sometimes, you know?

Highlights from March

This was our first trip to Magic Mountain. We had a blast! Alisa was a little nervous at first (so was I, let's be real here), but we had a great time (or at least we survived). Then we went to the beach. Seth and Alisa had never seen the ocean before, so it was fun to watch them embrace the waves. We had a great time together! Thanks family for coming!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh, they say when you're married in June . . .

I have been negligent. I am so sorry, gentle reader. I have no good excuse. In my defense, I could say that I've been a bit otherwise engaged (no pun intended), and I'm amazed at how many little details there are to iron out.

Last weekend, Brent and I went to Arizona to procure a marriage license (a must if you plan on getting married. Fancy that). While we were there we got to catch up with family (Brent met more for the first time. Coming from the boy who only has two cousins which he may have seen twice in his life, he doesn't believe a person can have more family than I do. I reassured him that this is just the tip of the iceburg.) I got to have bridal shots taken (for previews, please visit ) and I had a bridal shower (thanks everyone!), we ate good food, laughed a lot, and slept less than is really healthy, but who can sleep when there's so much to do?

On top of our own wedding, we've had a lot on our proverbial plates. Brent's mom was married today, he had finals last week and a job interview for an internship this summer. I've been trying to be supportive and trying to keep up with everything at the same time. The census at our hospital was just upped to 50 - a major feat for us. Of course, not all of those patients need speech therapy, but as the caseload in general grows, so does our little speech caseload. Life just gets to be busy sometimes.

I have to take a deep breath and remind myself why I'm in the situation I am right now. Being engaged is not my favorite state of being. I must say though, it has its shining moments. Some of the perks:
-looking forward to Brent coming home from work
-hearing "I love you" every day
-saying "I love you" every day
-planning for my future home
-looking forward to another trip to Mesa
-more time spent on the phone with family and friends
-hearing that song from Seven Brides and Seven Brothers at every turn (I almost want to dance in my one-piece underwear and sing along)
-admiring the new ring on my finger and being overwhelmed by the incredible significance and symbolism it
-being incandescently happy
-and so on. I won't get carried away here.

Lastly, the announcements are going out soon, so if you want one and haven't sent me your address, I make no guarantees. I love you all! Wish me luck, it's going to be a whirlwind ride up till the end! :)