Sunday, December 14, 2008

For the love of . . . Edward?

I have long loved the name Edward. Before I ever fell in love with the written word and consequently, the literary world, I liked the name Edward. Ask my husband; traditional English names are my cup of tea.

I was slow to take to the works of Jane Austen. Growing up in a house of all brothers, movies like Pride & Prejudice were barely tolerated. Even though I tried to teach my brothers “the flick is worth it if it’s with a chick,” they decided it didn’t count if that chick was your sister.

So, with my first real exposure to the wit and incisiveness of Jane Austen, I found a fast favorite in Sense & Sensibility. I will readily admit, it was the charming, shy character of Edward Ferrars, the elusive Mr. F, that I owe my initial infatuation with the works of Jane Austen, and in turn with the name Edward. The book and film of 1995 are still favorites. (“She's heading an expedition to China shortly. I'm to go as her servant. But only on the understanding that I am to be very badly treated.”)

With the Twilight following, I am happy to say I read and liked the book before it became the latest buzzward. I must admit, that Edward Cullen is a fascinating character. I was an Edward fan from the beginning. How could you not like

 him? (I know I have cousins that disagree with me on this point, but their arguments just don’t hold any water). I didn’t love the movie, but it was decent. Nothing is ever as good as you imagine it, right?

My dear husband has patiently been subjected to my love of another Edward lately. I discovered the 2006 BBC rendition of Jane Eyre, and I’ve fallen in love with the brooding, Byronic Edward Rochester. Toby Stephens is masterful in this role. It’s simply breathtaking. So, pardon the Jane Eyre kick, but I’ve been listening to the music from the musical (thank you, James Barbour, I could listen to the rich tones of your baritone all day). I think I need to read the book again. In the meantime, I will be content with the masterful film rendition of BBC. I owe them big time. I owe Toby Stephens big time.